The Impact of Booking Cancellation on Locums
Locum cancellation policy

As a locum looking to build a good reputation that would speak for you over time. Canceling booking without giving an appropriate period of notice may come with some negative impact. However, if you find yourself in this position and you need to cancel bookings. Then you are expected to give an appropriate period of notice to avoid facing undesired consequences. Click here to learn more

How To Avoid Cancellation

In order, to avert the undesirable impact of booking cancellation. It is important to take certain measures to avoid canceling bookings. Even though there are certain events such as travel disruption, serious illness, family emergency or the sudden death of a close relative that may permit you to do so without giving the appropriate period of notice. However, you may want to consider the following key points before and after accepting shifts.

Double-check your schedule to avoid cancellation

In order to avoid cancellation after booking a shift always ensure you double-check your schedule on a weekly/monthly basis. This is important to avoid any disruptable event or situation that can result into cancellation.

Delegate the shift to another locum

Before opting in for cancellation you could delegate the shift you have accepted to another suitably qualified locum if you need to cancel a shift. Whilst the agency or pharmacy has to consent to such a change, consent cannot be unreasonably withheld.

Ensure you give an appropriate period of notice

If you ever find yourself in the position and you need to cancel a booking for whatever reason please ensure you inform the pharmacy through the agency within an appropriate period of your decision in writing setting out your reasons and keep a copy of this for your own records

Other Serious Implications

This happens oftentimes when locums cancel shifts without giving an appropriate period of notice. The pharmacy and the agency can decide to blacklist you if your actions are found to cause disruption. This could prevent you from getting bookings from the pharmacy in the future.

When you fail to cover the shift you are booked for without giving an appropriate period of notice. The pharmacy and agency could decide to pursue you for any loss they have incurred. This may include the costs of engaging the service of another locum at an emergency rate. It could also include lost as a result of the pharmacy being closed.

When you cancel bookings without giving the appropriate period of notice the pharmacy can decide to file a complaint with the state board of pharmacy. This could attract disciplinary action if your conduct is found to be unprofessional or violated the state pharmacy code.

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