Do you need strength? Do you need to forge ahead right now? Do you feel stuck?

Here is a solution for you: Wait

Waiting is literally the opposite of forging ahead, making headway or sprinting along. Why wait when you need to forge ahead? How should I wait? What happens when I don’t wait?

We find one of the key differences in the crossing of the red sea, as led by Moses; and crossing of Jordan, as led by Joshua was the opportunity to wait before the cross.

Conversely, Joshua and the Israelites had the privilege to leave where they were both physically and mentally – and paused for a moment before crossing the river Jordan.

When I wait, I get stronger! Waiting takes us from a space of the familiar to a place of destiny in our minds. Get away from daily routine into your space of actively waiting

“Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength” Isaiah 40:31

Kemi King Wait
Wait! Kemiking study Joshua 3:1-3

How do I wait?

Moving away geographically signifies a shift in routine. To wait, you can choose to stay in the same physical vicinity. It is crucial to take time out to think clearly about the next steps before you take them.

It is hard work to take the time to see the end results of our daily actions in our minds. Take a trip down the future lane. Take time to envisage the ending you desire. What do 24 hours in the future look like? How does your action today match?

Advantages of waiting

As you are in the image of your maker, we function according to his fingerprint. Creation started in the spirit first (Genesis 1) then this got manifested in the physical (Genesis chapter 2). Waiting allows you to mentally dwell where you are meant to be; before you physically get there. Most creation is done in our minds.


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Schedule time to wait

  1. Be intentional. Take time out. Have a set time where you do not engage in any physical activity about this issue, which may engage your mind. Free your mind to focus on the journey ahead.
  2. Waiting not planning: The Israelites did not spend the time at Shittim figuring out how to cross Jordan. It would have been a waste of time. Waiting is a space to depend on God to bring His plan to fruition. Focus on opening your mind.
  3. Delight in God: This is a time to rejoice and delight in your maker. He makes the plan. He empowers and strengthens this purpose. He partners with us and brings us what to desire.

What lessons can we draw from this?

One word: Perspective

  • Success is better managed when you feel at home with it: The waiting period ensures you see the end from the beginning. This keeps you consistent along the journey. This keeps you committed to your purpose
  • Practice not Acting:
  • Expectations are very clear: Waiting teaches you a few things. Firstly, If you are ready for your new step. Secondly, if you are willing to take action to get to your new step. These keep your expectations and challenges clear. Thirdly, if your current habits and future expectations align.

Lastly, waiting renews your strength. Waiting keeps you stronger. Waiting shifts your outlook. You show up with a renewed view of life, purpose and clearer vision.